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How to start career as a Freelancer, even you are a beginner

  • Without starting a long boring story, Let's come to the point:-

    Anybody can start his/her career as a freelancer if you have the following:- (Even if you don't have higher education/skills)
    1- An internet Connection
    2- A PC/Laptop
    3- A few hours of time
    4- Patience
    Where should you start:-
    The answer is very simple, You have to jump in the river to judge the deepness. You can join one of more freelancing websites/platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

    You can start with the following jobs/tasks if you don't have any basic skills, even if your qualification is just Matric or inter.
    1- Data Entry
    2- Classified Ads Posting
    If you have some writing and management skills and you are a graduate then:-
    1- Virtual Assistant.
    2- Content/SEO writer.
    If you know some Designing skills:-
    1- Logo designer
    2- Graphic Designer
    Now, let's move toward the next step with/after little learning:-
    You can start as a Digital Marketing professional by learning, SEO, SEM, and SMM.
    Here is a big question, Where to learn these skills,
    The Answer is the Internet, Yes, most people have a smartphone and also have internet packages, you have a Web Browser and Youtube on your smartphone, If you can waste a couple of hours in a day just watching Facebook stories then why not you can watch a tutorial of digital marketing skill, like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.?
    Even, you can try your SEO, SEM SMM skills Without losing any money, without having any project, or Without hurting anybody:-
    1- Go to any Free SEO Audit website, like "seositecheckup" and try to audit any website and see the results and ask questions here or discuss with your friend.
    2- Create a Facebook Page, share a few posts on your page then try to create a paid ad, see all settings there, try to understand those, try to find your queries at YouTube or Ask in this group. Facebook will charge you nothing until you run or add a payment method.
    3- Create a Google Ads (Adwords) account, most of you are already using Gmail ID, you just need to go to Google Adwords, try to create a sample campaign. Google will charge you nothing until you add a payment method.
    Now, it's time to go to Upwork or Fiverr.
    At Upwork, you need to apply for a job, (Although there are hundreds of jobs related to digital marketing, never apply for every job, only apply to the most relevant job that matches your skills and expertise).
    At Fiverr you need to create a GIG, you don't need to apply for jobs like Upwork, instead, the client will see your gig and order.
    Now the big question will be "How can we get orders when we are totally new, the profile has no review"?

    The answer is:- "God Help those, who help others"
    Yes, This quote is the best fit for Fiverr, After creating Gig, you can share your Gig across social media, to your friends and family members, (As this is allowed officially by Fiverr) You can Save, Favorites Gigs of each other. Evaluate and scroll Gigs of each other. This practice will rank your gig high.
    A Tip:- \ud83d\ude09
    If you are new and want to run long in most of the above-said skills, then create 1-2 Facebook pages and Group and try to grow them with the time. You can choose any general topic, like, fun, entertainment, or any daily life updates. This will become an asset for you one day!
    Happy Freelancing \ud83d\ude42