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Benefits of interest-based communities or niche social networks

  • Interest-based communities or niche social network invite interaction that are much more than just a “like” or a “share”. This interaction benefits community owner and others in the community in many ways, personally, socially, and professionally.


    1. Friend Finder

    Even for the most outgoing, finding friends with whom you share a passion can pose a problem. Joining an interest group provides an immediate source of acquaintances, friends, and potential best friends — all of whom share your interests.

    2. Talk Topic Template

    For many, not knowing what to say presents a true challenge. Building on the shared interest of the community, you will always have something to talk about with the most outgoing and the most introverted.


    3. Idea Identifier

    The chances are high that someone — or many — in the group has turned this interest into a career. What better way to learn how to make money off of your passion than to learn from others who are successfully doing just that?

    4. Natural Network

    People hire people. That is why networking constitutes such an important part of any professionals’ plan and schedule. Positive and professional interaction with an interest-based group puts you in other professionals’ network, greatly increasing your options and opportunities.

    5. Complementary Coaching

    Regardless of how much you know about your interest, you can always learn more. And where better to receive free tutelage than an interest-based community? The ideas are endless, so take advantage of this invaluable source of development.


    6. Self-Satisfaction

    Nothing gives you a well-deserved sense of worth than investing in something important to you. Sharing the passion with others increases its viability while exploring next-level opportunities brings inspiration and confidence.

    7. Endless Expansion

    With the new friends and mentors you meet, you have innumerable option for where to take your interest. When these options include professional advance, and you already have the support you need from within the community, your life takes on new depth, creativity, and independence.

    To sum up, investing in an interest-based group:

    Gives you friends/followers
    Aids communication
    Opens professional options
    Provides mentors
    Improves quality of life
    Bringing even more value to the experience, once you have begun reaping all these benefits, you quickly realize that you also have the privilege of providing them to others.

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